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Project management platform for software development

ZenTao is an open-source program designed for business and productivity. The multifunctional software offers tools for document management, tests, projects, and products. It also has quick search features, a wide array of statistical reports, and a complete API. This Application Lifecycle Management tool is for professionals that want to address the core processes of software development in one platform. With ZenTao, you and your team will benefit from its comprehensive set of features displayed on a well-organized interface. 

What is ZenTao for?

ZenTao enables you to deliver all sorts of statistical reports and identify specific parts of your code on a complete application programming interface. The program is based on Scrum, a framework for project management that emphasizes collaboration, accountability, and iterative progress. ZenTao provides the details and processes that Scrum has not extended or developed. This includes managing bugs, test cases, releases, documentation, and all other factors that are involved in software development

While ZenTao is based on Scrum, there is no need to adopt its methodology. Planning, recording, quality control, and launching are already offered by this desktop program. Another methodology you can use here is the Waterfall model. This will enable you to list down project activities into linear sequential phrases. It’s an important feature for projects that require a specific set of steps to be followed. 

Clearly defining the concepts of your product, product, or trial run can be done on ZenTao. For example, three different teams - product, development, and QA - need to work simultaneously. They can use this to coordinate and update one another while performing different tasks. They can freely view the other’s progress and deliverables without having to contact the other. It’s a much faster process than having to constantly notify members of the team. 

Create projects with ease 

ZenTao is created for product owners, development teams, and members of quality control to come together in one location. They can see the other team’s progress while performing completely separate tasks. It’s a more productive use of their time as members of the team will not have to wait for updates and can proceed with their tasks based on their team’s ZenTao board. 


  • Complete API
  • Supports Scrum and Waterfall framework
  • Itemizes project deliverable


  • Open for independent audit

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ZenTao project management


ZenTao project management 8.8.3 for PC

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